Everybody knows Tom Brady is suspended for the first four games of this upcoming NFL season. What we didn’t know is how much practice he would need to get ready for the Patriots’ fifth regular season game.

According to Mike Reiss of ESPN, Brady will be starting against the New York Giants in tonight’s final preseason game for the New England Patriots. This will be just the third time since 2004 that Brady will take snaps in the team’s final preseason game and the first since 2011.

“We know when Tom is going to play again (Oct. 9) and that’s going to be important,” said Belichick, via espn.com. “I think these (regular-season) games, even though they’re not right on the doorstep, they are still an important part of his preparation and the team’s preparation with him at quarterback. That’s why we do it.”

Is the Super Bowl on the line against the Giants here, or is it the fourth preseason game?