Tom Brady isn’t happy with the NFL. The league’s latest jersey rule has the legendary quarterback frustrated.

Several players in the league are excited about the NFL’s new relaxed policy, allowing more flexibility when it comes to jersey numbers. Brady, however, isn’t a fan. And he made his point loud and clear in social media posts.

“Good luck trying to block the right people now!” Brady said in a post on Instagram. “Going to make fore a lot of bad football!”

Brady didn’t stop there. In another post, the Tampa Bay QB continued.

“DUMB,” Brady wrote. “Why not let linemen wear whatever they want too? Why have numbers? Just have colored jerseys…why not wear the same number? DUMB.”

The NFL released new rules for jersey numbers for the upcoming season earlier this week. Here are the possibilities:

  • QB, P, K: No. 1-19
  • DB: No. 1-49
  • RB, TE, WR: No. 1-49, No. 80-89
  • OL: No. 50-79
  • DL: No. 50-79, No. 90-99
  • LB: No. 1-59, No. 90-99