Tom Brady continues to stay busy off the field as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback expands his portfolio.

The latest is a Netflix comedy special, which was reported by Variety. The legendary NFL quarterback is set to be the first subject of what will be a planned series of new Netflix comedy specials called “Greatest Roasts of All Time” or “GROAT.”

“To quote my good friend, Marshawn Lynch … ‘I’m just here so I won’t get fined,’” Brady said. Brady will serve as an executive producer on his own and future roasts. His roast will be filmed in 2023 following his next season with the NFL.

“We can’t wait to burn three-time Super Bowl-losing quarterback Tom Brady, who only went back to the NFL in order to delay this roast,” said Robbie Praw, Netflix’s vice president of stand-up and comedy formats. “In all seriousness, it’s a huge thrill to work with the greatest football player of all time on this project. No one’s better at taking hits and still coming out on top, so we know the roast will be a breeze for Brady.”

Brady, widely regarded as one of the greatest NFL players of all time, has won 7 Super Bowl, and in recent months announced his retirement only to reverse himself in March.