Now that Tom Brady is retired from playing football (presumably for good), the GOAT will eventually become a broadcaster after taking a year off to recharge.

Many former football players, including quarterbacks, have gone into booth or studio broadcasting gigs after their playing days are over. Brady’s move from superstar QB to broadcaster has brought up comparisons to Troy Aikman. The former Dallas Cowboys superstar was a long-time FOX broadcaster before moving to ESPN to call Monday Night Football.

Aikman recently spoke with Chris Long about Brady’s move to the booth.

“I think he’ll be great, obviously Fox does as well,” Aikman said. “Obviously, it’s not a foregone conclsuion. I just feel that there are people that you just bet on. And he’s one of those guys. I mean, he’s succeeded at everything that he’s done. He’ll continue to put in the work just like he did as an athlete. And I think that he’s wired that way. So he’ll do everything that’s required to give himself a chance to have success.”

Aikman acknowledged that fans and media members have wondered if Brady will take bold stances. The former Michigan quarterback tried to avoid controversy throughout his legendary NFL career. Aikman thinks Brady won’t shy from sharing his opinions.

“I think that for him, he has some real opinions,” Aikman said. “He hasn’t always voiced all of those, of course. Now he’ll have a platform to where it will be expected and I think he’ll deliver…there are some that wonder whether or not he’ll actually do it,.I don’t know about that, but I suspect that he will. My conversations with him, it indicates that that’s what he’s planning to do. I don’t know why he wouldn’t at least give it a shot.”

Aikman had some simple advice for his fellow former QB going into broadcasting.

“My only advice is just be you,” Aikman said. “Be authentic, be honest, speak your mind. He will find his niche. He will do that respectfully and I think he will add a lot to the broadcast.”

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