With a little more than two weeks left until the first game of the season, Michigan’s starting field goal kicker has yet to be named.

Quinn Nordin and Jake Moody are the two leaders right now, battling each other to be the team’s starting kicker when the Wolverines take the field against Minnesota on Oct. 24. The two have been competing and shared time on the field since the 2018 season.

“We love everything about both of them,” said special teams coordinator Jay Harbaugh, according to MLive.com. “It’s a blessing to have two guys that you feel confident with, in terms of their ability. We all love the fact that Quinn’s done it on some big stages and has got the experience and poise of a veteran.

“Moody does, too. So it’s a really good situation overall We’ll let the competition play out.

Nordin has attempted more kicks over the last two seasons, converting on 21-of-28 tries since 2018. He’s also made 73-of-75 PAT attempts over the last two seasons.

Moody has knocked down 16-of-20 field goal attempts and has converted all 23 extra point tries.