A U.S. senator is using Jim Harbaugh’s lucrative contract with the University of Michigan as an example to point out that there’s a “civil rights crisis” in major college athletics.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) took to Twitter over the weekend to point out his frustration with an issue he believes is plaguing major college sports. He used Harbaugh’s large contract as the head coach at Michigan to point out his concerns.

“Unpaid UMich football players are playing in the middle of a pandemic to assure their coach can get his $7.5 million salary,” Murphy wrote on Twitter. “If Harbaugh made $1M instead, each player could get a $50K annual stipend to help their families pay for rent, health care, etc.”

Harbaugh, who was on schedule to make over $8 million this year, was one of several high-level Michigan coaches and administrators to take a 10 percent pay cut due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Murphy also pointed to pricey, lavish facility upgrades at different institutions, ridiculous salaries for other conference commissioners and other examples to make his point clear.

“I’m a huge sports fan. I want college football to come back if it’s safe,” Murphy said. “But COVID has exposed a civil rights crisis in big time college sports: unpaid kids – mostly of color – risking their lives to make millions for adults – mostly white.

“This needs to change. NOW.”