A University of Michigan cardiologist claims that the B1G used a flawed study to make its decision to cancel the fall college football season.

Venk Murthy took to social media to point out that the conference used a flawed study and report which influenced its decision to cancel the 2020 fall football season on Tuesday. The league announced that it will attempt to move forward by playing in the spring.

“The Big 10 report on COVID relies heavily on this paper which found rampant abnormalities among normal controls and had man statistic that make no sense,” Murthy wrote on Twitter. “Time to retract this paper.

“[To be honest] I’m not a football guy so whether they put off a year doesn’t really affect me, but the Big 10 is a majorly respected organization and many Americans get their news from ESPN. Unfortunately, much of the messaging center around a flawed paper.”

Below is the report the B1G used. You can see it in full here:

When the B1G made its decision, commissioner Kevin Warren went on Big Ten Network to discuss why the conference came to its conclusion. However, Warren did not provide many answers.

Data was not shared and Warren said that the conference planned to keep the medical information “internal,” at least for the time being. But it appears that the report that influenced the league’s decision is seriously flawes.

It will mean Warren and the B1G presidents have bigger questions to answer moving forward.