The University of Michigan Board of Regents has decided to fire president Mark Schlissel for cause after an investigation. The Detroit Free Press reported the news over the weekend.

According to the report, the decision from the board was unanimous after an investigation into a relationship with a subordinate. A letter was posted on the University of Michigan website, saying the conduct was “particularly egregious considering your knowledge and involvement in addressing incidents of harassment by University of Michigan personnel, and your declared commitment to work to ‘free’ the University community of sexual harassment or other improper conduct.”

The decision to fire Schissel was made on Saturday morning. No comment was made by the former Michigan president at the time of the story.

Schissel reportedly sent “dozens” of inappropriate emails and texts messages, which included a link to a story entitled “Sexual fantasies of everyday New Yorkers.”

Along with Schlissel’s termination, the board also appointed an interim president while it conducts a search. Ex-University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman will serve as the interim. She was president from 2002-14.

You can read more about Schlissel’s termination here.