The University of Michigan has come to a settlement in the amount of $490 million with over 1,000 individuals who say they were sexually assaulted by the school’s former team doctor, Robert Anderson. ESPN reported the news on Wednesday.

Per the report, the settlement was reached on Tuesday night. A total of 1,050 people will share the $460 million settlement. $30 million has been reserved for future accusers.

The school had been in mediation in multiple lawsuits that primarily involved men. Those victims say they were abused during routine medical examinations with Anderson.

From ESPN:

“It has been a long and challenging journey, and I believe this settlement will provide justice and healing for the many brave men and women who refused to be silenced,” said (attorney Parker) Stinar, who represents about 200 victims.

Stinar said $460 million will be paid out to the 1,050 victims, while $30 million has been set aside for future accusers. The payouts to individuals won’t all be equal and will be determined by a third-party allocator based on several variables.

Anderson worked at Michigan from 1996 until 2003. He died in 2008.

Several former football players from the University of Michigan and other student-athletes have come forward, accusing Anderson of abuse.