Apparently Jim Harbaugh-bashing season has returned. This time it comes from late-night television host and comedian Conan O’Brien.

The longtime late-night television host, who has a show on TBS, was featured in a promo video urging people from the state of Michigan to vote during the upcoming election. But O’Brien may have lost a few followers on his message when he used the ad to take a shot at the Wolverines head football coach.

In the advertisement, O’Brien talked about the benefits of voting. That’s when he decided to take a shot at Harbaugh.

“Unlike Jim Harbaugh, voting costs nothing, is very effective and lives up to the hype,” O’Brien said, while sporting a maize-and-blue hat with the Block “M” logo.

Now that college football season is officially back, apparently so is the return of trolling Harbaugh. Even in voting advertisements.