After some early excitement surrounding Michigan in 2020, the Wolverines seemingly fell apart and quickly moved to the back burner when it came to Big Ten discussion.

Despite the struggles, the Wolverines are too prominent of a program to dismiss entirely. That sentiment proved to be true on Saturday as Michigan became a subject of conversation on FOX’s Big Noon Kickoff on Saturday. Some of those on the FOX crew believe the Wolverines will be a major storyline next year when it comes to the Big Ten.

“I’m curious to see what happens with Harbaugh over the course of this offseason and next season,” Brady Quinn said. “But also because I think we tend to forget, this was somewhat of a young team. They had a bunch of new people coming in with McNamara and Joe Milton at the quarterback spot. They had a good recruiting class with JJ McCarthy as an incoming five-star recruit at the quarterback spot. Very well could be their quarterback of the future, he helped keep together that recruiting class this past week. Michigan is extremely intriguing because of all of those things. I do think they’ve got some talent and some guys coming back. I think they could be in the mix next year in the Big Ten.”

All of this is being said while we’re not 100 percent sure if Harbaugh will be leading the Wolverines next season based on his current contract situation. If he does return, defense will be an area Michigan will have to focus on repairing.

“The team up North, there are so many moving parts,” he said. “I can’t remember anything like this where the contract of the head coach is up in one year. I know there’s some (contract) conversations. What do you do on defense? A well-respected defense isn’t playing very well, and it hasn’t. And then the quarterback position. At some point, you’ve got to say ‘this is our quarterback.’ Develop him and let the guy go play. That has not happened there, so I agree. This is the year to really watch them.”

It is surely shaping up to be a tumultuous offseason for Harbaugh and Big Blue. We’ll just have to sit back and enjoy what’s yet to come.