Everyone is wondering the same thing, regardless of what conference you cover or team you cheer for: Is this finally going to be Michigan’s year?

The Preseason AP top 25 poll was released earlier this week and the Wolverines got ranked No. 7 in the country. The only Big Ten team better? Ohio State at No. 5.

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The college football analysts at FOX were asked about Michigan and Urban Meyer — the former Ohio State coach — talked a bit about the Wolverines and what they need to do to make it “their year.”

Meyer talked about the Wolverines’ change to the spread offense as well as defensive coordinator Don Brown.

Meyer on Brown:

“Don Brown is one of the best defensive coordinators in America. However, the last two games did not end well. He’s going to have to adapt. I think he will because I think he is that good of a coach. They’re going to have to mix in some zone coverage with that man style they play.”

Meyer did say that he thinks Brown will adapt at the end of the day, but he realizes that Michigan has fallen short the last few years for a reason.

There isn’t one individual to blame, but if the spread offense under new offensive coordinator Josh Gattis can score points and the defense under Brown can adapt and defend other high-octane offenses well enough, Michigan could win the Big Ten outright.