Ohio State hates Michigan.

Michigan hates Ohio State.

We know this. But when somebody is an analyst, what they should do is keep bias out of their thinking. Can Urban Meyer do that now that he works as an analyst and not a head football coach?

Only time will tell.

On Thursday, Meyer spoke with Colin Cowherd on his show, The Herd, and was asked about if this is finally Jim Harbaugh’s breakthrough year at Michigan. Here’s what Meyer had to say:

What is pretty funny about Meyer’s response is that he doesn’t say the word “Michigan” one time. Considering his former ties, this makes sense.

What Meyer did talk about is all true, though. Michigan has lots of talent.

The Wolverines are loaded at offensive line and wide receiver. However, with a new coordinator coming in, will it all mesh together perfectly? And, Michigan loses a lot of big, talented names on its defense.

How will Michigan do in 2019? Meyer didn’t exactly answer the question, but we’ll find out what the Wolverines are capable of on Aug. 31 at home against Middle Tennessee.