Urban Meyer knows a thing or two about tough quarterback decisions. Recently, he weighed in on the QB battle facing Jim Harbaugh in Ann Arbor.

During a conversation on “Urban’s Take with Tim May,” Meyer admitted the decision of playing the guy who gives your team the best chance of winning is a tough one. However, Meyer also noted most of his FOX colleagues believe JJ McCarthy is the more talented player following the Michigan games they covered in 2021 (Via On3 Sports):

“Yeah, that’s a tough one,” Meyer said. “You know, our Big Noon Kickoff, they did a bunch of Team Up North games last year and they feel that J.J. is the more talented guy. Highly recruited. But then you start thinking, wait a minute, the guy who took them to the first Big Ten championship, first win over Ohio State in 10 years, whatever it was. How can you do that to him?

“A coaches responsibility is to play whoever can help you win the game. Now that’s so much easier said than done, especially if there’s loyalty. The fact that there is, this guy is a great leader. So, you know, that’s going to be interesting see how it plays out.”

One thing fans know is that McCarthy will start in Week 2 over Cade McNamara. What happens beyond that remains to be seen.