Michigan LB Chase Winovich is one of the most-interesting people in college football, and he was recently at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

NFL teams are notorious for asking ridiculous questions at the event, and Winovich didn’t escape those questions. Of particular interest to NFL squads was his date with Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon.

As you can see below, Winovich broke down the story of the date on “The Rich Eisen Show” this week:

“It was probably at least like five.. asking about my date with Madonna’s daughter,” Winovich said.

So how’d the date happen?

“I found her email and I emailed her and told her I was trying to join the school of music, theater, and dance. So one thing just led to another and we went on a date.

“At one point she was like ‘I’m hungry’, and I was like ‘what do you want?’ and she was like ‘these appetizers look good so I ordered every single appetizer that was on the menu. I was like ‘we’ll take one of everything’.”

It doesn’t seem like Winovich found his soulmate, but it is a funny story, and one that NFL teams were apparently very interested in.