Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh understands that his team has a pretty big challenge ahead in this Saturday’s game.

During his weekly press conference on Monday, Harbaugh spoke with the media about this weekend’s match-up against Ohio State and how his team is preparing for the Buckeyes. And while the head coach knows his team is pretty talented, he also knows the Buckeyes are really good, too.

“Really talented team, very well coached, really good players,” Harbaugh said on Monday. “Right now, we’re going through the schemes, the match-ups and preparation for the ball game on Saturday.

“Really strong, physical football team. Fast team, really good at the skill positions. Tackle well, play really good up front, they rotate their defensive line…I can’t say enough good things. Really good team.”

After complimenting Ohio State’s team, Harbaugh talked about the intensity of the rivalry, saying that it’s something that can be viewed on a lot of different levels, depending on if you’re a player, coach or a fan.

“What it means to play in that game, what it means to play in it, why you were playing in the game, and what it meant to play in it 10, 15, 20 years afterward. You understand it the more experience you have with it,” he said.

Harbaugh, of course, attended the game as a young fan in the 1970s, then played in the game in 1980s and is now coaching in it. So, it probably carries pretty high significance.

In addition to the Ohio State talk, Harbaugh also updated the status of quarterbacks Brandon Peters and Wilton Speight.

Below, you can view the full video of Harbaugh’s press conference.