Khaleke Hudson was ejected in the second half of Michigan’s 45-20 win over SMU on Saturday afternoon because helmet-to-helmet contact that was determined to be targeting.

The helmet-to-helmet contact was pretty clear, but it was a questionable targeting call because there didn’t seem to be deliberate intent to lead with the crown of the helmet. But, this is college football, and nobody really understands what constitutes a penalty or an ejection.

After the game, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh was asked his thoughts on the targeting call. And while he didn’t really blow up about the decision to eject Hudson, he didn’t seem happy with it, either.

“My thought on that is, are we going down that road that we’re going to review every play that’s in that box area?” Harbaugh said. “Running backs are going to be going through there, lowering their head. It’s a battle to see who can get lower.”

Harbaugh has been a supporter of player safety, but it’s clear that he believes it’s a waste of time to try and review every play inside the tackle box.

Here are Harbaugh’s full comments regarding the targeting call.