Jim Harbaugh and John Beilein have no trouble around the microphone. As head coaches in major college sports, it’s just part of the job.

So when Harbaugh was spotted at Michigan’s home basketball game against Nebraska on Thursday night with courtside seats, ESPN decided it would be an ideal opportunity to interview the head football coach. And with spring practice getting underway and a trip to South Africa planned for May, there are plenty of things to ask Harbaugh about.

But during the interview, Beilein — who was pleading with an official about a call — served as a bit of a distraction. It was inadvertent, but it was also hilarious.

If you’re having a rough end to the week, this might make it a little better:

Obviously Beilein’s concern is not with the ESPN camera crew, the interview or what Harbaugh is saying. But this clip is still pretty great.

Hopefully Beilein and Harbaugh get a laugh out of it as well when they see in brief clip later on.