It’s always fun when sports and entertainment cross paths. Over the weekend, the longest running animated sitcom dipped into the greatest rivalry in college sports.

On Sunday night, the animated series The Simpsons had an incredible clip, paying tribute to the hatred in the rivalry between Michigan and Ohio State. It’s probably a moment in television history that Wolverine fans will play on repeat.

Check out this brief clip from The Simpsons, which aired Sunday night.

That’s a great way to incorporate one of the best rivalries in sports into entertainment.

Why might have The Simpsons incorporated the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry into an episode? The popular animated sitcom airs on FOX, which is also home to plenty of B1G football games, including the annual matchup between the Wolverines and Buckeyes.

“The Game” doesn’t really need any extra publicity, but why not spruce it up a bit with the matchup just a few weeks away?

Michigan and Ohio State will battle on Nov. 24 in Columbus with a B1G title likely on the line.