Michigan and Michigan State don’t like each other very much. Wolverines linebacker Devin Bush can’t even stand the sight of the Spartans logo.

A few hours prior to kickoff between the in-state rivals, Bush made his way to midfield at Spartan Stadium. And it wasn’t to take part in pre-game warmups. Instead, the Michigan star felt he needed to get some aggression out of his system prior to the game.

He showed major disrespect to Michigan State, kicking the Spartan head logo repeatedly. That probably won’t go over too well with the players on the home team.

As if that wasn’t enough, things were getting testy between the two teams.

The Spartans were taking part in their pre-game ritual, walking across the field arm-in-arm, something the team does every week. But a few Wolverines refused to get out of the way, leading to some pushing, shoving and yelling.

Michigan State has won eight of the last 11 meetings between the two schools, including two of the last three. But the last time Michigan visited East Lansing, the Wolverines came away with the victory.

Michigan enters the matchup as a touchdown favorite.

We haven’t even hit kickoff and things are already interesting. It should be a fun one in East Lansing.