An Ohio State fan may have to deal with some harsh repercussions on social media after his actions at the College World Series.

Uttering the phrase “Go Blue,” isn’t exactly a punishable offense, unless of course you’re an Ohio State fan. Those two words in Columbus could likely get one ostracized from the city limits. But it was a risk one Buckeye fan was willing to take, all for a baseball.

Before Michigan took the field in Omaha for the College World Series on Friday, an Ohio State fan decked out in team gear had a brief interaction with Wolverines head coach Erik Bakich. That conversation led to an agreement: If the Ohio State fan — referred to as Gabe in the video below — would say “Go Blue!” Bakich would give him a baseball.

Gabe was willing to put his fandom on hold and said the two words. Not just once, but a few times. Below is the video of the exchange.

That’s something you don’t see too often. Other Buckeye fans might question Gabe’s loyalty to Ohio State. But, hey, at least he got something out of the deal.

And with Michigan being the B1G’s only representative in the College World Series, it’s good to see fans coming together to show support for each other, even if they are bitter rivals.

We just have one question for this Ohio State fan: was it worth it?