Michigan is hosting SMU on Saturday for its third game of the 2018 season.

The game started off slowly, as neither team scored in the first quarter. The second quarter, however, saw more action. The Wolverines have scored two TDs compared to the Mustangs’ one, leading to a 14-7 score nearing halftime.

On Michigan’s first score, Ben Mason ran in a 1-yard TD and after the play, flipped the ball to the referee.

Sometimes, the referee holds their position to signal the call a little too long. The ball might bounce off them or just fall short, because the call has to be made on the field.

On this play, though, the referee had his hands up signaling the TD. The ball then gets tossed at him and he proceeds to do nothing, letting it hit him in the face.

The referee just keeps his hands in the air:

That had to hurt.