Michigan fans remember Week 1.

It was a disaster.

The defense wasn’t stout and the offense looked anything but elite under new QB Shea Patterson. Jim Harbaugh was supposed to have the offense clicking under the highly-touted transfer from Ole Miss and it looked stagnant at best.

Michigan lost to Notre Dame and Harbaugh’s record in his last 18 games with the Wolverines is now 9-9.

Should there be a change in Ann Arbor? Is Jim Harbaugh the right man for the job? How did Michigan really look against Notre Dame?

Tim Tebow answered questions about Michigan and Harbaugh and gave his own take on the game against the Fighting Irish when he appeared as a guest on Friday on ESPN’s First Take.

Here’s a look at Tebow bashing Harbaugh and Michigan:


But realistically, what Tebow said is true. Michigan needs to get better and that starts with Harbaugh and what he does with the offense that Patterson now leads.