Training camps can be long.

College football or in the NFL, it doesn’t matter. For some of these guys, they know exactly where they stand. Jonathan Taylor will be the starting back at Wisconsin. Shea Patterson knows he’s QB1 at Michigan.

In the NFL, Tom Brady knows he is the face of the franchise in New England. Many regard him as the best QB ever. His job security, obviously, isn’t in doubt going into 2019.

Brady knows how to have fun, and during Patriots camp, he’ll do that from time to time.

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The Patriots are currently in joint practices with the Tennessee Titans. The two teams play each other on Saturday, Aug. 17.

During their joint practice on Wednesday, current Titans head coach Mike Vrabel — who is a former Ohio State Buckeye and teammate of Brady’s with the Patriots — started yelling at Brady, telling him to stop walking. This is quite funny, coming from a former teammate and an opposing team’s coach.

Here’s Brady’s response:

This is pretty hilarious. The two — we can only assume — were poking fun at each other here. When you’re winning Super Bowls and spend many years together with someone, the two likely have a good relationship with one another.

We’ll see if there’s any (highly doubtful) bad blood on Saturday when the two teams play each other.