It would be easy for Jim Harbaugh to hide behind his success at Michigan. He’s won nearly 50 games in his five years at his alma mater, led his program to three 10-win seasons and has reached a bowl game every single year.

Those aren’t the expectations at Michigan, though. Harbaugh knows it, too.

Wednesday, Harbaugh joined Mike Tirico on Lunch Talk Live where he talked about his first five years at Michigan. While he stated that he’s had a great time coaching the team, he also stated that it’s time for Michigan to finally beat rival Ohio State.

“We got to beat Ohio State,” Harbaugh said. “Nothing makes us angrier than that, or me, but that’s what we’re working toward every day. We’ve beaten everybody else, but we haven’t beat them. That’s what we have to do, beat them, win a championship, get ourselves in the playoff, win a national championship.”

Harbaugh is 0-5 in “The Game.” He has yet to win a division or conference title or compete in the College Football Playoff. Those three talking points have been used against Harbaugh during his time in Ann Arbor — which often overshadows his 47-18 record on the field.

Earlier this week, Harbaugh joined Tim Kawakami of The Athletic to discuss his time at Michigan, as well. He was very frank in his expectations moving forward, knowing its time the Wolverines start contending for championships.

“Always want to do better. Striving to be the best. Right now, I think our team is kind of on the cusp,” Harbaugh said on The TK Show. “We haven’t gotten over the top and into the playoffs and the championship, and that’s what drives us, what motivates us every day on the field and every day working toward that goal.”

Michigan is coming off a 9-4 campaign a year ago and is looking to notch its first win over Ohio State since the 2011 season.