Everyone in Ann Arbor is waiting for Jim Harbaugh to return Michigan to prominence. As much as the program has improved over the last five seasons, the Wolverines still haven’t won a division title and have gone eight straight years without a victory over Ohio State.

It can be hard to believe that Harbaugh is going to be the guy to get the job done.

Former Michigan linebacker and first-round draft pick Devin Bush has faith in his college coach to get things moving in the right direction at Michigan. But, he too would like to see his former team win a few of the bigger games on the schedule.

On a recent episode of FS1’s Speak For Yourself, co-host Jason Whitlock said he wanted Harbaugh to “give me some hope” that he could get Michigan back in the national championship conversation. Bush agreed.

“Yeah, I need hope, too,” Bush said. “I got to keep it real, but we just not winning the big games. We have to find a way to win the big games. We got to do it.”

When asked whether he thinks Michigan’s inability to win big games — particularly when it comes to beating Ohio State — boils down to coaching or to players, Bush said he believes it’s a mix.

“I think it’s a combination of the both,” Bush said. Obviously, I was there, but I just felt like we need the right mentality. We need to walk into that game and not be like, ‘OK, I hope Ohio State don’t show up today.’

“Nah, it’s like we goota go in there and we gotta take it.”

Michigan is 47-18 under Harbaugh, hitting the 10-win total three times in five seasons. The Wolverines have also played in a bowl game every year since Harbaugh arrived in Ann Arbor.

While that’s a pretty incredible mark, there’s still the knock that Harbaugh hasn’t been able to win a B1G title or beat Ohio State. And at Michigan, that just doesn’t sit well with fans.

Michigan finished the 2019 season with a 9-4 record.