JJ McCarthy was instrumental in guiding Michigan to back-to-back B1G titles during the 2022 season. The Wolverines will also be heading for a return trip to the College Football Playoff.

Where Michigan lands remain to be seen, but the Wolverines are one of two Power 5 programs to complete the season at 13-0 with a conference championship. After Saturday’s win, McCarthy met with Allison Williams to address how the Wolverines made it happen.

“Everything we’ve done, every single week. The constant preparation and the execution on a weekly basis. We’re doing us, and it worked out,” said McCarthy.

The star quarterback was also asked about holding a slim 14-13 lead coming out of halftime against Purdue. McCarthy admitted it was nothing new and the Wolverines leaned on being the best second-half team in the country once again:

“We’ve been in that situation before multiple times. It wasn’t really anything but the usual 30 minutes, give it all,” said McCarthy about the halftime message from coaches. “We’re the best second-half team in the country, and we showed it again.”

During the win, McCarthy threw for 161 yards and 3 touchdowns in a brilliant performance.