The always embattled Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh met with media Monday morning.

The back and forth included a now standardized mixture of discussing the team and their upcoming game while fending off questions from reporters about his current job status, and future job prospects.

The Wolverines have been forced to cancel their previous two games because of a Covid-19 outbreak—that is to say, an outbreak of positive tests—across their roster. The situation got so bad Michigan was forced to cancel its annual and iconic rivalry game against Ohio State, the first time ‘The Game’ hasn’t been played since 1917.

Strangely enough, Harbaugh claimed during the session that the Wolverines had a “spirited” team practice Sunday, the day after they had cancelled the game with the Buckeyes. What exactly he meant by that, and who was available to practice, was not elaborated on.

Harbaugh would not get into testing numbers with reporters and was habitually tight lipped about his job and future, though he did say he was committed to Michigan and admitted he would be discussing the head coaching position with the school’s athletic director at season’s end.

Michigan has been scheduled to play at the University of Iowa Saturday as their assignment in the league’s Champions Week crossover challenge. The game is scheduled to kick at 7 pm ET from Kinnick Stadium and will be broadcast on ESPN.

Harbaugh’s comments to media can be viewed below.