There were hints and allegations entering Saturday as Michigan travelled to Bloomington to play the surging Indiana Hoosiers in an important Big Ten East battle. Jim Harbaugh was again on a hot seat in Ann Arbor with the dissatisfaction starting to peak once more and the Mouth of the South on his microphone daily calling for Harbaugh’s ouster. 

In most circles Michigan is, after all, still Michigan, and they were picked to fend off an upstart Indiana. It was another proverbial must win for Harbaugh, whose program had not lost to the Hoosiers in 33 seasons, dating back to 1987. But others saw in Indiana not a fluke, but a better football team, and tapped them to carry off the upset.

Well, the unthinkable happened, Michigan was dominated and embarrassed as a program, losing 38-21 in a game that felt from the beginning like Michigan was outclassed. The must win became a blowout loss for Harbaugh and the conversation around his continuing tenure has turned toxic. 

But Harbaugh made his rounds Monday, the same stoic and positive Harbaugh, explaining what happened and what must happen going forward as the decisions regarding his fate continue both behind closed doors and on public multi-media broadcasts across the country.

This is a round up of Harbaugh’s comments to the media as the Wolverines prepare to at home against the Wisconsin Badgers next Saturday.