Aidan Hutchinson has not been worried about voicing his opinion over the last two weeks. Since the B1G made the decision to call off the fall football season, the Michigan defensive end has had plenty of words for conference commissioner Kevin Warren.

That continued on Thursday when Hutchinson spoke with the media. The Michigan star is still frustrated by the fact that Warren’s son, Powers Warren, had the opportunity to choose to play this season.

Mississippi State, a member of the SEC, is still playing football this fall. Meanwhile, the B1G is preparing for a potential spring season.

“He had a talk with his son about playing and I didn’t get to have that talk with my family,” Hutchinson said, according to Brandon Brown of SI Now. “He made that decision for me and I think that’s really unfair.”

This wasn’t the first time Hutchinson has ripped Warren and the B1G presidents. Last week, the Wolverines star was frustrated by the fact that there was so little communication in the decision-making process.

“I would say my emotions are just frustration. I’m just infuriated,” Aidan said while speaking on Marty Smith’s America. “They made this decision without talking to us. The commissioner, our president — there were no words exchanged asking our thoughts on whether we wanna play. Because, at the end of the day, we’re the ones playing the game and they didn’t ask us for our opinion and it’s super frustrating to find out one day that our president voted for us not to have a season when I’ve never seen that guy in my three years here at Michigan.

“So, you know, it was definitely frustrating and felt kinda helpless because there’s nothing I can do and us players don’t have a voice.”

On Aug. 11, the B1G was the first Power 5 conference to back out of the 2020 fall college football season. It’s one of four leagues that has decided not to play football.