Shea Patterson may have some explaining to do.

On Sunday evening, a tweet trickled out from Shea Patterson’s official Twitter account that sparked plenty of interest from Ohio State and Michigan fans alike. Why? In the tweet from Patterson’s account, shots are fired at both incoming Buckeyes quarterback Justin Fields and UM head coach Jim Harbaugh.

College Football Quotes was able to take a screenshot of the tweet, which has since been deleted.

“Patterson is going to be the best QB in the (Big Ten),” the tweet read. “Fields hasn’t even played a snap yet that kids so overrated. Shea would’ve won the Heisman last season if Harbaugh had let him call the plays.”

Really, there’s two possibilities here. One, Patterson has a burner account and meant to send that message from that Twitter profile or, two, Patterson’s Twitter account was hacked, making him out to look like the bad guy.

According to College Football Quotes, a Facebook account from Kacie Patterson says Shea Patterson’s account was hacked and that the Michigan QB did not tweet out the statement. Kacie says she is Shea’s sister.

Who said the offseason was boring?

Regardless of whether Patterson actually tweeted it or not, Michigan fans won’t have to worry about Harbaugh calling the plays in 2019. With Josh Gattis having full control of the offense, there’s a lot of hype about what the Wolverines can produce this fall.

We’ll see if that results in Patterson holding up the Heisman Trophy at the end of the year.