Will Johnson and the Michigan defense had a regular habit out of rocking “Turnover Buffs” during the 2022 season.

The tradition started early in the year and picked up steam throughout the year. Essentially, whichever defender secured a turnover — either an interception or fumble recovery — got to rock the Buffs sunglasses on the sidelines.

As for the tradition, Johnson indicated recently he wants to keep it going in the 2023 season. He also confirmed which Wolverine defender got to keep the pair of shades from last year’s squad.

“Rod (Moore). He had the most interceptions,” said Johnson about last year’s permanent recipient of the Buffs per Alejandro Zuniga with 247 Sports. “Whoever gets the most turnovers in the season [gets them]. They’re his. They’re all his.” 

While Moore took the season’s top honor with 4 interceptions, Johnson was not far behind. The 5-star freshman a season ago came on strong with 3 interceptions, including 2 in the B1G Championship Game against Purdue.

As for the tradition, Johnson expects a new pair of Buffs to be up for grabs every season, and he said the team will have another real pair on the sidelines this fall. Johnson also says he’s intent on keeping them this time around.

“We’ll still have a real pair for us on the sidelines. We’ll get a new pair every year, probably. Same thing as last year,” Johnson explained. 

“They’re mine, so I gotta keep them this year. I was supposed to keep them last year. But I made the deal with them that whoever had the most will get them. So stay tuned.”