Was Jim Harbaugh scared of being fired this past season? Sure looks that way judging from a list of goals the Michigan head coach revealed on Friday.

In speaking to the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association this morning, Harbaugh outlined his individual goals for 2021. The first five points are sort of ho-hum (although number four’s goal of winning the Big Ten and the national championship is surely just coach-speak).

The sixth, well, that jumps out a bit:

Do not be scared of any man, moment, circumstance or of being fired.


That would seem to imply that, in the past and most likely in 2020, that Harbaugh had some trepidation about being on the unemployment line. He would certainly have reason to, given the fact that Michigan went 2-4, a record that included bad losses to Michigan State and a blowout home loss to Wisconsin in primetime.

Boosters and fans called for Harbaugh’s head. Through six seasons at Michigan, he is 49-22 with a 1-4 bowl record.

Here’s Harbaugh’s complete list of goals:

  1. Raise all those with whom I come in contact. Put players and staff in position to be successful in life and in football.
  2. Create an atmosphere in the work place that supports teamwork, friendship and winning (an atmosphere that brings joy each day we come to work).
  3. Develop and administer a process (Plan) that supports TEAM success and Winning.
  4. Be a member of the 2021 Big Ten and National Champion Michigan Football Team.
  5. Treat others as I would want to be treated and create a personal relationship with all those I come in contact.
  6. Do not be scared of any man, moment, circumstance or of being fired.

Harbaugh better resonate with the coaches during this virtual meeting. In last year’s recruiting class, the Wolverines landed just three of the top 15 players in the state. Considering that there were a dozen four-star players in the state, that is simply poor recruiting.

Penn State landed four players from Michigan in their last recruiting class.