Sometimes, a school’s athletic department can be defined by the consistent success of one program. That’s not the case at Michigan, where the school has proven to put together consistent performances in multiple sports.

At times, Michigan might get labeled as a “football school” because of its rich tradition on the field. Other times, it can be tabbed as a “basketball school” because of some deep March Madness runs.

For Michigan sixth-year tight end Joel Honigford, there’s no reason to debate or argue. In Ann Arbor, it’s the entire athletic department that finds consistent success.

“It’s exciting because — people like to look at Michigan and say, for example, the 2020 season Michigan is a basketball school. Things like that,” Honigford said. “Michigan’s an everything school. And it’s pretty cool to be part of that.”

Michigan is the only school to have its football team compete in the College Football Playoff and its men’s and women’s basketball teams reach the Sweet 16. The women’s gymnastics team claimed a B1G title. Michigan’s wrestling team finished second in the NCAA team championships.

The list could go on and on.

Michigan has enjoyed plenty of success across all sports over the years. It’s pretty cool to see Honigford recognize all of that during a spring interview, too.