Michigan State’s new alternate uniforms are not all bad.

A lot has been made about the new uniforms that the Spartans will trot out in 2019. The combination does utilize a neon green that is shall we say interesting. However, the look as a whole has a few redeeming qualities.

The BTN recently unveiled an up-close look at all the various details of the uniform. Be sure to give it a watch and then check out our favorite, and least-favorite, details.

LOVE – The helmets

There’s really no complaints here. The white Spartan logo is switched out for a neon one, and the look works very well.

HATE – The neon pants

It’s really hard to envision what the goal was here. Neon pants with the white stripe just come across as an eyesore. Maybe dark green pants or neon pants without the stripe would work better, but these pants are just a miss.

LOVE – The neon accents

So the neon dominated pants are a miss, but the neon color as an accent piece works. The Spartan logo on the helmet, lettering on the back, gloves, and cleats all look awesome.

HATE – “STATE” lettering on the front

Seriously, what was the goal here? The oversized font is definitely clunky and distracting. A smaller font choice would have helped. Better yet, the neon Spartan logo was probably the choice for above the numbers.

What’s your verdict on this uniform combo?