Is Michigan State due for a national championship run? Or will Mark Dantonio’s group destined to remain a notch below the Ohio State’s and Oregon’s that it’ll square off with.

Both are common opinions among college football experts. But there is a consensus opinion about Michigan State’s new alternate uniforms: They’re pretty sweet. media editor Jim Reineking agrees with that, which is why he said MSU’s alternates were the jerseys he’s most looking forward to seeing in all of college football.

The jerseys, as shown below, feature a bronze helmet and bronze stripes on the shoulder pad. It isn’t known when exactly the Spartans will try them out, but their Week 2 showdown against Oregon would make the most sense.

We do know from an MSU Athletic Department tweet that they are in fact, in stock.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 8.28.54 AM

Here’s what Reineking said about Sparty’s new look:

“These might be the first college football inspired by ancient warfare. The spectacular all-new alternate uniform — featuring a bronze helmet, bronze sleeve caps and other subtle bronze highlights — was inspired by one of the most feared tactical formations in human history, the Greek phalanxaccording to PR materials. The uniform is intended to visually represent the phalanx when the team stands side-by-side on the field. Let the Spartans’ bronze age commence!”