At least one college football coach believes 2018 will be Michigan State’s big year.

CBS Sports polled 26 coaches on various questions for a series of articles. Earlier this week, Chip Patterson published an article based on the coaches responses to who will be the best team in 2018. Here’s how they responded:

  • Alabama (24 votes)
  • Clemson (1 vote)
  • Michigan State (1 vote)

What’s a real shame is that Patterson shared some of the reasonings from the coaches who picked Alabama and Clemson. The answer from the Michigan State voter is not provided.

MSU is a somewhat eye-brow raising vote, but not completely out of left field. ESPN’s Football Power Index ranks Michigan State No. 10 in the country while coaches voting in the Amway Coaches Poll slotted the Spartans at No. 12 in the preseason poll.

Which coach do you think voted for Michigan State at No. 1?