Nothing could change the fact that Michigan State lost on Saturday night.

No Sunday ruling from the B1G was going to change the scoreboard. If anything, the B1G admitting there was a mistake made the officials on Brandon Reilly’s game-winning touchdown to stun the Spartans probably would’ve just added salt to the fresh wound for MSU.

But that’s not what happened.

The B1G said the officials “used proper mechanics” to make the call on the field, which was a judgement call.

According to, the B1G released the following statement on the ruling that Reilly was forced out of bounds and established himself in the field of play:

“Per NCAA rules, the instant replay crew cannot review the severity of contact, as that is a judgment call handled by the officials on the field. If the player went out of bounds without contact, he may not return to the field to make the catch unless it has been touched first by an opponent. The instant replay crew did confirm contact between the players, that the wide receiver reestablished himself in the field of play and completed the catch. After the replay review, the referee announced that the play stands as called on the field. The intent of instant replay is not to review all judgment calls.”

The play was reviewed and officials decided that the initial call on the field — there was contact with Reilly and the defender — was confirmed. That means that replay could not technically overturn a judgment call, just affirm that there indeed was contact made between the two players.

The judgment call, however, remains up for debate.