Bryce Baringer is now a sixth year senior punter at Michigan State. He revealed what his journey has been like, and what inspired him to return to East Lansing for another season per Matt Wentzel of Mlive.

Baringer could have left Michigan State and tried to play in the NFL after last season. He stated that there were many factors that influenced his decision to come back. The main thing was simply improving his game.

“There were some factors that made me want to come back,” Baringer said. “Just working on becoming more consistent, better direction, working on giving our defense the best chance to be successful.”

The 2021 campaign was one that had a lot of growth, according to Baringer. The Michigan State punter set a program single-season record for average yards per punt (48.4). Baringer’s longest punt of last season with 74 yards.

Baringer stated that one thing that really changed for him last season was how he dictated the game. Instead of letting the opposing team influence that, he wanted to “flip the script.”

“Coming into last season was a big season of growth for me,” Baringer said. “Instead of letting the opposing team – their rush, their scheme – affect how I kicked, I essentially said, you know what, let’s flip the script. Let me dictate to them how I’m going to perform and just became kind of one within myself, found some strides in that regard.”

Baringer is currently averaging 53 yards per punt this season, with his longest punt so far being 70 yards.