Seven B1G schools will be selling beer and wine at football stadiums to the general public in 2019, but Michigan State won’t be making that change anytime soon, according to athletic director Bill Beekman.

Chris Solari of the Detroit Free Press reported that Michigan State has no plans to sell alcohol at Spartan Stadium anytime soon, primarily because of a state law that prohibits such activity. Currently, alcohol sales are permitted in the suites to donors, but only because the tower on the west end of the venue is not physically attached to the stadium.

“We do sell it in the suites and to a limited number of folks. I think more and more of the conference is going there,” Beekman told the Detroit Free Press. “It’s becoming more common. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen in some venue at some point. I’m not sure our starting point would be football.”

According to a report from the Lansing State Journal in 2017, there would need to be a law change to allow Michigan State to consider selling alcohol inside the stadium. It doesn’t sound like Beekman or anyone at the university has any interest in challenging for a change.

“So, at this point, it’s against state law to do it,” Beekman said. “I don’t see us advocating for a change in that.”

For the 2019 season, seven B1G schools will sell alcohol throughout their stadiums to general admission fans. Those schools include: Purdue, Indiana, Illinois, Rutgers, Maryland, Minnesota and Ohio State.