Most Michigan State fans pointed to Nebraska’s go-ahead touchdown as the worst non-call of the year.

Nebraska’s Brandon Reilly was clearly not forced out of bounds as it was originally called on the field, and officials couldn’t overturn a judgment call. It went down as another blunder in a season full of officiating miscues.

But that wasn’t what caused Shilique Calhoun to lose his cool on the sideline.

Nebraska had just ripped off a touchdown run, one in which he felt he was held on. That came after fellow defensive lineman Joel Heath was knocked out of the game because of what Calhoun believed to be an illegal block by Nebraska offensive lineman Nick Gates.

The MSU defensive end said he was still so caught up in the non-calls that he wasn’t mentally in the game on the last Nebraska drive.

“It wasn’t anyone else’s doing, it was my own,” Calhoun told the Detroit Free Press. “My mind wasn’t focused, and I was just in a crisis that one of my friends got hurt from a dirty play from one of their offensive linemen, and that kind of just hurt.”

As a result, Calhoun was held without a tackle for the first time all year. He didn’t register a quarterback hurry, either.

The MSU senior was still bothered by the non-calls against the Nebraska offensive linemen after the game. He took his frustrations to Instagram to show what he was dealing with throughout Saturday night.

Calhoun said he wanted to show people that something can be learned from illegal blocks.

“I posted that. That’s for the integrity of the game,” he said. “I don’t think those calls are gonna make or break the game, but I just felt the integrity of the game was being distorted. I feel as if an offensive tackle shouldn’t do that.”

In regards to the last play, however, Calhoun and the Spartans repeated that there was nothing they could to about it. At least publicly, they weren’t still seething over the ruling that ending their undefeated season.

We’ll see how much the Spartans have moved on when they host Maryland on Saturday.