What. A. Game.

After Michigan State went 3-and-out, Michigan got the ball back with 1:15 left in the 4th quarter with the Paul Bunyan Trophy on the line. Could the Wolverines pull a rabbit out of their hat?

Spoiler: They couldn’t. Cade McNamara’s pass was picked off by Charles Brantley, who made a highlight-reel catch to secure the victory for Michigan State — and keep the Paul Bunyan Trophy in East Lansing.

Watch this, and expect to see it on SportsCenter Saturday night.

How can you not be romantic about college football?

Kenneth Walker III put Michigan State on his back to lead the charge on offense. He rushed for 197 yards and 5 touchdowns — the most anyone has ever scored against Michigan — in a Heisman-worthy performance.

McNamara had a great day, outside of the interception. He threw for 383 yards on 28-of-44 passing and 2 touchdowns to keep the Wolverines within striking distance.

He just didn’t have enough magic left in that arm.