Connor Cook is ready for the pre-draft evaluation process to be over, and understandably so.

The former Michigan State quarterback has been one of the most polarizing prospects throughout the last few months. He’s been nitpicked in every way possible. Some say his “lack of captaincy” and his “character issues” will prevent him from going in the first round.

While Cook doesn’t believe those are actual concerns and that he’s the best quarterback in the draft, he won’t be waiting on pins and needles early on Thursday night.

“I’m honestly going into this draft expecting the unexpected,” Cook said on the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday. “Obviously going in the first round, that’s great. That would be a huge blessing and I think I deserve to hear my name called, but anything can happen.

“If I don’t hear my name called, I’m not going to be that upset because I’m thinking I’m going to go in the second round. I’m going into it more thinking that I’m going in the second round so if I hear my name called on Thursday night, that’s awesome.”

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There are some, like Jon Gruden, who can’t fathom the All-B1G quarterback falling out of the first round. If Cook does get picked on Thursday night, he’ll be the first B1G quarterback to be drafted in the first round since Kerry Collins in 1995.

Plenty of potential first-round suitors met with Cook, all of which he said went well. Cook singled out the Denver Broncos, Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers as the teams who liked him.

But, as Dan Patrick asked, who ‘loves’ him?

“Every place I’ve visited, I felt like the people liked me,” Cook said. “I don’t know (who loves me). I don’t know if I’ve really felt ‘loved’ anywhere I’ve gone. Obviously, the coaching staff at San Francisco was super cool. I liked those guys a lot. When I visited Miami, (the coaching staff) were super, super nice, down-to-earth people. The Denver Broncos, the Buffalo Bills, their coaching staff is super, super nice.

“That’s what so hard. I don’t know what to expect. All of these teams were so cool and nice. That’s what’s so crazy that all of the sudden, draft day rolls around and the team that you think likes you the best doesn’t pick you. So that’s why I’m going in expecting the unexpected.”

As should everyone else.