So yeah, there’s still some bad blood between Michigan State and Ohio State.

Darron Lee and Connor Cook will never face each other at their respective schools again, and both are likely in store for multi-million dollar NFL paydays come April.

But that didn’t stop them from exchanging a back and forth on Twitter. Things actually got a little heated between the two.

Earlier on Friday, it was reported that ESPN owed its College Football Playoff advertisers $20 million because of how poor the ratings were for the two semifinal games.

That prompted Lee, a guy who’s been known to speak his mind, to blame Michigan State for ESPN costing its advertisers millions of dollars. And of course, he mentioned Cook in the tweet.

To that, Cook reminded Lee of their regular season meeting that prevented Ohio State from getting another showdown with Alabama.

Lee fired back:

But Cook ended the argument with the only thing that mattered when the field was chosen.

It’s a bit odd to see Lee call out Cook and the Spartans for being the reason that the ratings were so poor. Obviously a closer game with Alabama would’ve produced better ratings, but there’s no guarantee the New Year’s Eve experiment would’ve met expectations even with a nail-biter.

Lee has the ring, and Cook got the last laugh. Ultimately, both fell just short of their ultimate goal of a national title.

But it’s good to see that the offseason hasn’t flipped off their competitive switches.