When former Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins has had a big game this year, he’s done something noteworthy after it.

I mean, who could forget the gem he delivered after rallying for a comeback win against Tampa Bay?

But what Cousins did on Sunday was far more impactful than one of the best vines of 2015.

Following a game in which he led the Redskins to a 47-14 win against the Saints — and finished with a perfect passer rating — Cousins went over to his cancer-striken father and handed him the game ball.

Sunday was the first game that Cousins’ father, Don, attended since he was diagnosed with cancer earlier in the year. Cousins ran over to him following a postgame interview and shared an emotional moment following the victory.

Don told his son, ‘Nice job!’ and thanked him for the ball.

Yes, we like that.