By now, you’ve seen this epic piece of awesomeness from former Michigan State quarterback Kirk Cousins.

And this…

So why was the normally mild-mannered Cousins so fired up? And who was he asking IF THEY LIKED THAT?!

Well, he led the Redskins to their largest comeback in franchise history. And Comcast Sports Nets Tarik El-Bashir had been particularly critical of Cousins in recent weeks.

The outburst was indeed directed at El-Bashir’s way, but was it just wrong place at the wrong time? He explained the situation on the postgame show.

“I’ve seen him do this to [Redskins GM] Scot McCloughan. ‘Are you not entertained? Did you like that?’ — things of that nature. I didn’t take it personally,” El-Bashir said. “I don’t think he was directing that at me, although I will admit I have been a little on him the past couple of weeks as he has struggled a bit.

“I got a good laugh and I’m pretty sure my response was, ‘Yeah, I did like that. That was a pretty good win,’ and he just walked off.”

After a game in which Cousins had three touchdown passes and completed 33 of 40 passes, he was obviously pretty charged. Naturally, the media asked about the pre-locker room exchange.

“I just said it to, I think it was Tarik [El-Bashir] in there from Comcast I was saying it to,” Cousins told the Washington Post. “Just fired up, fired up.”

Cousins has been the target of plenty scrutiny during the Redskins’ 2-4 start. And while the former Spartan publicly ignored those critical of his play, yesterday was a different story.

Maybe he made a few believers out of Washington D.C. media members.

We all were.