Oh no. Not Mark Dantonio, too.

Last week, Kirk Ferentz raised some eyebrows when he said that he said his team needed to score twice when it was down 14-6. The Hawkeyes unsuccessfully attempted a field goal and Ferentz had egg on his face in the postgame press conference.

It appears he’s not the only coach who struggled with basic math in the middle of a game. Mark Dantonio was asked why his team went for a field goal when it trailed 30-10 in the fourth quarter.

This was his answer:

Well, 17 points is not a two-score deficit. Like Ferentz, Dantonio’s decision to kick for admittedly wrong reasons is certainly odd.

For a coach of Dantonio’s stature, mistakes like that are few and far between. There’s always a chance that he was thinking of a different situation or that he misspoke.

Still, Dantonio is paid millions of dollars not to say things like that in that moment. That’ll make Saturday’s loss to rival Michigan sting a little more.