Mark Dantonio doesn’t care about Michigan State’s five-game losing streak. The MSU coach isn’t worried about being a three-touchdown underdog, either.

While everyone has understandably written off MSU following its free-fall from top-10 status, Dantonio isn’t giving up on his team’s chances to take down the No. 2 team in the country.

He let that be known during his press conference on Tuesday.

In Dantonio’s defense, why wouldn’t he? He’s not going to get up to the podium and declare his team is a strong underdog when it won seven of the last eight meetings with Michigan.

And Dantonio is also right. He knows nobody believes in his team. Why would they after five straight losses, four of which were to unranked teams?

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There’s a reason that the line, which started at Michigan -18, is already at Michigan -23.5. The Wolverines, against their competition, have been the most dominant team in college football.

But the Dantonio seems to believe in the old “throw out everything when it comes to a rivalry game” saying.

“(Preparation for) this one is a bit more because it’s in-state and a rivalry game and means so much more to not just fans but the players who have played in it in the past,” Dantonio said on Tuesday. “That is the overall general feeling (the teams) have for each other, that sense of love, or lack thereof.”