It’s natural to assume that when Mark Dantonio was referred to as “Mike Dantonio” on the cover of Sports Illustrated last week, it only added to Michigan State’s never-ending “chip-on-the-shoulder” attitude.

If it did, you wouldn’t know it by listening to Dantonio talk about the recurring mistake. The Michigan State coach went on “Mike and Mike” on Wednesday morning and was asked about SI’s blunder.

It turns out, there actually is a Mike Dantonio.

“I’ve got a brother named Mike,” Dantonio said. “So he’s living the dream.”

Of course, Mark Dantonio gave his brother a copy of the SI cover for Christmas.

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Dantonio was asked the question that many people likely thought after seeing the error. How many games does he have to win before Sports Illustrated and others finally get his name right?

As usual, Dantonio took the high road.

“People make mistakes,” Dantonio said. “You’d like to think they’d correct them at some time but what are you gonna do?”

Dantonio might not admit it publicly, but his team has had plenty of extra motivation for the New Year’s Eve showdown.

Besides the “Mike Dantonio” mistake, Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry infamously said his team was facing “Michigan” in the College Football Playoff selection show. Oddsmakers also pegged the Spartans a double-digit underdog against Alabama in the Cotton Bowl.

But Dantonio still showed no sour grapes, at least in terms of people messing up his name.

“The reality of the situation is really, what does it matter?” Dantonio said. “For me, you just move on.”

By “move on,” of course, he means move on to the national title.