Mark Dantonio has been asked some of the same lazy, regurgitated questions nonstop for the last year.

“Does Jim Harbaugh get to you?”

“Why wasn’t Connor Cook named a captain?”

“Do you feel like you guys are disrespected?”

All of those questions were asked to the Michigan State coach when he joined “Daybreak” on Fox Sports Radio. Hosts Mike North and Andy Furman insisted on asking Dantonio those questions for some reason.

As expected, Dantonio wasn’t pleased:

For the record, reported that the interview ran late and that Dantonio had to speak to his team. Still, it’s clear that the interview wasn’t going smoothly.

Ironically enough, some might compare it to Harbaugh’s “clunker” with Colin Cowherd last year.

But putting those two in the same sentence again would probably irritate Dantonio even more.